A collaborative environment for investors to share their
analysis of thousands of junior mining projects worldwide.
The Power of The Share Collective

The Share Collective is a completely new way of understanding the value of investments.
We use the collective intelligence of the community to identify the best opportunities in the small cap mining sector.


Our information doesn’t come from inherently biased sources, it comes from the community, nothing is hidden.


Here, the reputation of companies, projects, analysis and even you, is driven and determined by our community.


By harnessing the collective power of the community, you can get visibility of the best projects and potential investments within.

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Allowing us collectively to make smarter investment decisions.

How Does The Share Collective Work?

Select a project

Select a project you want to value.  Click on the project name to see if any financial models called Outcome Visualisations (OVs) have been generated.

Review financial models

Select an existing financial model (OV) – it may be based on a publicly released study or may be a “blue sky” estimate for what could be built.  Review the numbers to evaluate the outcome.  Valuing a project values the Company.  Does this model say the Company is worth more or less?

Create your own models

The system allows you to build your own models, or you can copy an existing financial model you’ve been reviewing to modify some numbers (e.g. change the grade, recovery etc…) and then calculate the outcome based on your chosen data.

Compare models

Compare your own and existing models to gain an understanding of the factors that impact the value of the project, e.g. grade, recovery, commodity, price, CAPEX and risk.  This gives you insights very few people get to see.

Repeat with other projects

Now repeat the process with every TSX, TSX-V and ASX junior mining company and project to generate insights the world has not yet seen.


We give you real insight

Share collective taps the insights of the community to generate analysis and option.  If you want to know what your peers really think of a project, this is where to go.

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